Sunday, August 17, 2008

burt's bees lip balm and 2 ecotools brushs

here it is some customers' reviews for this lip balm on MUA:
I was never one for using a lip balm, but a friend introduced me to this product, and now I'm addicted to it! I use it daily to help keep my lips moist and soft, and it works, using only natural ingredients . And it feels so good and lasts a long time before you need to re-apply.
This is an awesome product. I have about 6 of these and keep one in every bag and coat pocket. I live in Chicago, where the winters are really dry (and cold), but this goes on smoothly and stays on for at least a few hours.
Mmmm... Minty deliciousness. Burt's Bees lip balm is the best! Even though it moisturizes all day, I find that I want to reapply it just because of the peppermint flavor and the soothing tingle. Great tasting, effective, and natural... how could you go wrong?
Unlike some other reviewers I never had a problem applying this. To me, it actually feels wetter and easier to apply than traditional lip balms. It works about as well as your standard Chapstick, but, unfortunately, is not a breakthrough natural product. It also gives your lips a tingly feeling, which I like, but may annoy some people.
I use this product for myself and my daughter with sensitive skin/lips (she's 5). We both like the intense mint flavor and she calls the sensation (fizzy, not stingy!). Hooray for something that works for her. For a natural product this would be a 5 star, but compared to other products (like Mary Kay Lip Balm) I have to give it a 4. I will try another flavor next time we need to refill just for a change.
I LOVE this real peppermint lip balm. It is so soothing and addicting. After eating you could put some of this on to cover up your lunch breath. I also love the Honey and the Pomegranate. I love natural lip balm because anything that has petrolatum in it is actually drying. I also love Chap Stick Naturals. None of that petrolatum stuff. Tastes great.
This is the best lip balm I have ever used! It moisturizes quickly and makes my lips feel super soft. Great stuff! Highly recommended!
My lips chap very easily, especially during winter. Ive tried all sorts of chapsticks, even the ones recommended for skiing from my friends. Nothing works as well as this product, though! I don't have to reapply constantly - just a few times a day. Its great!
It smelled really nice, but I don't really think it works with my lips. I had heard so many good things about that that I was disappointed with this product. I had to apply it every day because it was dry the next day when I had just applied it the night before. Other than that, it's a nice product.
Awesome! Feels tingly and great.
First time in many years, I ran out of Burt's Bees lip balm and it made me realize how good it is. I've been without it for a couple of days and my lips are already chapping. I put this lip balm on my lips twice a day in the morning and night. Yeah, it became part of my skin care regime. Anyway, applying for twice a day is enough to keep my lips moist always unlike other lip balms which you have to carry and apply all the time.
Best to use in the summer or just keep it in your pants pocket. Otherwise, it is difficult to smooth over your lips if it is too hard.
Only lip balm that works for me. And no oil/petroleum.
This is a good product. I like the minty smell and cooling effect it has, but the only problem I have with it is that it seems to make my lips shrivel up. I think it may be the peppermint oil, but I can't really be sure. A little strange.

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