Friday, May 16, 2008

Poem to those children, whom lost their life in the earthquake

As far as I known, thousands of children lost their life in the 5.12 earthquake. This poem is written by a mother. Her baby was proven dead in that disaster. Actually, this poem broke me into tears. (I'll try my best to translate this poem into English.)

come here.
Let mum holds your hand.
Sky on your way to heaven is dark.
I am afraid without me, you may hurt yourself.

I am so scared.
It is dark here,
I can't even see your hands.
Since walls had fallen down,
Sunshine was stolen from my eyes.
I am afraid I'll never have a chance to see you again.

Someone told me life in heaven will be great.
You may see God there.
My baby, promise to me
when you see him,
you will tell him you want be my baby again.

don’t worry.
It is wonderful here.
Ice cream and chocolate are free,
and I can play 24 hrs games without your punishment.
Oh,You know what?
I met John, my friend in school.
We can still study together.
I know I have to be strong, because you won't with me in the future.
Mum I love you, as much as you love me.
Days without me,
please share this love, which you planed to give me.
Share your love with those kids, whom lost their parents.

don’t cry!
Let me go,
Let me walk by myself.
Mum, goodbye!
I’ll keep my word,
When I see God,
I'll tell him I want be you kid again.

This week, Australian Red Cross launched an appeal to assist Red Cross in China respond to Monday's devastating earthquake in Sichuan Province.

Four days after the disaster, China's ministry of civil affairs reported more than 16,000 people killed, more than 26,000 injured, around 30,000 people buried and 10,000 missing. It is feared that final casualty figures will be much higher.

Current figures indicate that approximately four million homes have been destroyed or badly damaged in Sichuan, and seven other affected provinces and municipalities including Gansu, Shaanxi, Chongqing, Yunnan, Shanxi, Guizhou and Hubei.

With more than 70 percent of roads in the area destroyed and blocked, the county was completely cut off from the outside world for more than a day, with relief workers having to travel many kilometres on foot.

The Red Cross Society of China immediately dispatched teams and relief items, including tents, quilts, and food items, to the affected areas.

Red Cross is the only organisation -- besides the government agencies -- currently engaged in disaster response activities on a nationwide scale in China.

Þ make a donation to the China Sichuan Earthquake Appeal 2008


(g)ezebel said...

that is a very, very profoundly beautiful poem. and the accompanying picture is heartbreaking. my heart goes out to everyone in china or abroad who has lost a loved one in the earthquake.

✞ANGELA✞ said...

to (g)ezebel, such a tragedy, i can't hold my tears when i first see this pic.