Sunday, March 9, 2008

What is the distance between two people when they are standing back to back?

Have you ever been asked some strange questions like what is the distance between two people, when they are standing back to back? Few years ago, I had been asked this question by one of my friends, when we played Truth or Dare. At that time, I told him my answer was zero. Because it is looked very close when two people standing that close, isn't it? I still remember his smile when I told him that. Two weeks later , he was moved to another country to find his new life, and then we lost contact. (TT)

Couples days ago, I saw him at a shopping mall in town. It was so surprise to see him again. Yesterday we had a dinner together, after dinner, he told me his answer of that question. The distance between two back to back standing people is the same distance of the earth around, as farther one away from another as closer they will be. (--)/// Actually, I do not know how to response that, but........

it was so exciting, you know, when you see your old friend. (^^)

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