Saturday, February 2, 2008

This movie make me down

Couples days ago, when I cleaned my closet up, I found some VCDs, which I bought years ago but never got time to watch.
Today I watched one of them called Black River. It is really making me feel terrible. This movie is about a successful LA TV drama writer maned Joe. Because of the boring life, he decides to find a peaceful place to live. During the journey , he arives the Black River in northern California accidentally. At the beginning, everything are looked fine, he meet a girl he got interest and find a local restaurant with delicious hamburgers. But despite the beautiful setting, Joe begins to feel unsettled after several disturbing incidents. He decides to leave, but tons of unfortunates are happening to stop him leaving the town. There he discovers that all of his money has been transferred to a bank in Black River, and a local Realtor has purchased a house for him. Astonished and disturbed, Joe soon learns that someone means to make him stay forever, even if it means they have to die to do so . At the end of the movie, Joe sees a guy sitting on the same table when he first coming in the town. He try to give him a notice, but that guy treat it as a joking. ----------One more resident, No surprise, you know people always curios with something they are not allowed to do. I feel sad about this ending, but my feeling not change anything.

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