Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My everyday school look~~

light brown

what i used:
MAC paint pot (thx 4 Lynne introducing me this, it is work) soft ochre
Dior d'track light brown (gray may be)
the face shop black eyeshadow
HR pencil eyeliner
Dior show mascara


Vanessa said...

Cute glasses!

Mrs. Lynne said...

Glad it works for you. I always love how you smoke out the corners. Really defines your eyes :)

Hope you're have a great week girl!

✞ANGELA✞ said...

Vanessa, thx lol~

Mrs. Lynne , I learned a lot from your blog. Hope one day I'll be someone like you with those amazing make-up skills.

dee_el07 said...

I also love your eye glasses though.. and of course your eyes shadows looks great day by day..

K.G. said...

Hi! It is the Kathryn from Budget Beauty Love. Just wanted to say thanks for the compliment on the tutorial (and the makeup 'store', lol). Your makeup looks are great, do you do tutorials? And I love whats in you makeup bag, I think I have that same Bourjois blush :) Anyway, have a great day!

the Muse said...

hello beautiful!

Very nice fotd ;)

Love the specks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

✞ANGELA✞ said...

dee_el07, thanks
K.G. ,welcome~~
the Muse, catch u~~`