Thursday, January 17, 2008

crazy cos~~~I am a bad girl now~~

I did little bit change,cuz my eyes are smaller and shorter(sad).

what i used:
kose blue cream eyeshadow as base
mac moon's reflection eyeshadow all over eyelid
stuf stardust 11# pigment 1/2 lid
mac frozen White pigment high light the brow bone
mac mixing medium
mac black track
dior show mascara


Girl Meets Makeup said...

Hi! Just visiting from Mrs. Lynne's blog. :)

Your FOTDs are pretty! Keep posting, I'd love to see more. :)

✞ANGELA✞ said...


Vanessa said...

Good job! Looks exactly the same!


Hello, I just stumbled upon your site from girl meets makeup have such gorgeous skin..and you have such an innocent look to ya..thats cute! I love your crazy cosplay imitation, it looks superb and totally the same as the original! Mind if i ask what exact eye makeup u have on?

✞ANGELA✞ said...

Vanessa : thx la

<3 :
kose cream eyeshadow
mac moon's reflection
stuf stardust 11#
mac frozen White pigment
mac black track fluidline
dior show mascara

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

that looks freaking awesome on you! love it :)

mandilicious said...

great talent!

thanks for stopping by my blogsite!
laters! :)

✞ANGELA✞ said...

b | u 3: thanks la
mandilicious : thx